Hello beautiful. As usual seeing you have a good time makes me happy, love, mom,
Larry Shaw(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful. You have a wonderful eye!! Loved 'em.
Little inch(non-registered)
Photos of the country so real I sneezed.
Steve and Candy(non-registered)
we are both enjoying your wonderful pictures and commentary- keep it up!
I love the photos ... you ladies enjoy a 'spot of tea' and pretend I am sitting there with you to you all - Liz
Stories are good, illustrations great, hope you and the Ladies are having great time. Collecting memories, stories and pictures are for the future.

Boy you should have seen the dock full of old gray geezers yesterday... drownin' wurms and nattering about them iggles and fish-hawks. Not much catching... except for sun on balding pates.
Government designation for historical artifacts is 50 years
Ralph states that people with 50 years are designated histarical.
you have had one days adventure now / whas-up
Hey, sweet friend. This looks good. I can't wait to see the pics of this trip. Have fun, and be safe.
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